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Hardware Development

We are dealing with analogue and digital hardware development from the second half of the 1980s. We can say without exaggeration that we have more decades of experience in this field.

We have been already created unique intrusion and fire alarms, language labs, intelligent games for foreign partners or patented electronic candle churches, designed for medical devices for cosmetic purposes, or for the US Navy Seawater Salt Measuring Equipment.

The below picture shows the photo of a cosmetic mashine designed according to the ideas of a foreign customer:

There are churches (temples) in the USA where should not used candles with real flames because of the danger of fire. There is used only electronic „candles” in such cases. Their lifetime is virtually infinite compared to the real candles. You can see in the below picture, that our partner’s patented „candles”are glittering in a very beautiful church and create the effect of a real candle. It is interesting to note that in the center of the colorful TFT there is an electronic sleeve where the "candles" will be lit in proportion to the value of the coins inserted.

The hardware was developed by our USA partner G-TECH USA, while the control software was developed in Hungary:

There is finaly a realy interesting home idea which is also patented, it is a stroller fitted with electronic, programmable radio remote control. You can see in the picture that the manual dumbbels are weights of the stroller and the baby:


Smart Devices

Application Development


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